Staycation at Springfield

Whether you have taken a grand vacation this Summer or are still contemplating on where to go, a staycation at Springfield is always a fun idea.

Feel like unwinding with a chill relaxing day? Start off with a morning coffee in the coffee lounge and pick out an interesting book. Then, make your way over to the hammock garden a soak up the sun, dozing off while reading a few pages.

Looking to have a social day? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Residents can invite up to two guests to join them in amenity spaces. Call a couple of your friends over for a fun day at the pool. When you’re ready for lunch, fire up the grill at the pool area while watching TV in the cabana area.

 Some of our residents enjoy winding down at the end of the day at the fire pit with a local Mayday brew or a glass of wine from the near by vineyard at Arrington.

 With amenities like ours at Springfield, a staycation never sounded so good!

Contact us today to take a tour and see why you should make your own history at Springfield!